Precautions When PCB Carry High Current

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2024-07-04 17:56:20

In the process of manufacturing and use of electronic equipment, the problem of high currents endured by PCB cannot be ignored. As the heat generated by current flowing through the PCB increases, measures must be taken to deal with this situation. So, what should we pay attention to when PCB carry high current?

1. Heat Treatment

When the PCB carry high current, a high amount of heat energy will be generated, so effective heat dissipation measures need to be taken. The efficiency of heat conduction and dissipation can be improved by installing heat sinks or designing heat dissipation holes on the PCB. For high-load circuits, it is necessary to consider installing a radiator or fan around it to achieve a more efficient cooling effect.

2. Prevent Overload

In PCB design, we should select appropriate components according to current and voltage requirements, and ensure that their rated current meets the design requirements. Especially when using components such as power inductors or connectors, attention needs to be paid to their rated current and temperature tolerances to avoid overload operation.

3. Insulation and Safety

When the PCB carry high currents, it must ensure good insulation performance and safety. It is recommended to use a PCB board with an insulating layer to prevent possible arcing and transconductance phenomena. In addition, attention must be paid to grounding and isolation issues to ensure that circuit operates normally in a safe environment.

4. Detection and Monitoring

In applications where PCB carry high currents, real-time monitoring and detection of current and temperature is necessary. By using devices such as current sensors and temperature sensors, current and temperature can be monitored in real time and timely measures can be taken to prevent problems such as overloading and overheating.

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