How to Make a Mechanical Keyboard with PCB

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2023-11-23 17:38:29

When you see a super-looking keyboard, do you want to assemble it yourself? Before we doing it, lets learn about relevant knowledge so that we can get started with assembly faster.

Let's first understand, a mechanical keyboard as a typing tool, what does it need to have in order to make it work properly? It needs to have at least: shell, PCB board, positioning plate, keyboard shaft body, keycap, satellite shaft. The shell is used to carry the PCB board, the PCB board is used to realize the function, the keyboard shaft body is used to trigger the PCB board, and the keycap is used to adapt to finger tapping on the shaft body. The above four parts are indispensable. With these four parts, it can work normally when the data line is connected.

The keyboard PCB is the heart of the keyboard. Therefore, when we choose a PCB, we must consider the following:

1. Compatibility with mechanical switches

There are two types of mechanical switches, namely 3-pin type and 5-pin type. It is best to design or choose a keyboard PCB that is compatible with both types.

2. Keyboard Layout and Size

Keyboard PCB come in different size. Some are compact and support 84 keys, while others have full keyboard layouts, it depends on us choosing the one that suits us.

3. Software Compatibility

Most keyboard PCB come with programmable RGB lighting. Please make sure they have good software support to access these functions.

4. PCB Quality

The PCB quality of the keyboard depends on the PCB manufacturer. So, you must choose a high-quality PCB manufacturer.

How to Customize Keyboard PCB

In order to ensure the quality and accuracy of keyboard PCB products, Gerber needs to be provided to PCB manufacturers for customization. The provided documents need to include some board making instructions, such as: material, quantity, number of layers, board thickness, solder mask color, technology and other specific production requirements.

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