The Advantages and Disadvantages of PCB Antenna, FPC Antenna and LDS Antenna

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2023-11-21 18:10:16

Antennas are an integral part of communication systems, they transmit signals from a transmitter to a receiver, or from a receiver to a transmitter. PCB antennas, FPC antennas, and LDS antennas are all common built-in antennas, each with its own advantages and disadvantages, and suitable for different application scenarios.

1. PCB Antenna

PCB antennas are mainly used on single-band module circuit boards such as Bluetooth modules, Wifi modules, and ZIGBEE modules.


1) It cost is low;

2) Only need to debug once, no need to debug again.


1) It is only suitable for single-band module circuits;

2) Different batches of PCB antenna performance will have a certain deviation.

2. FPC Antenna

FPC antenna is an antenna made on a flexible PCB. Unlike PCB antennas, the flexibility of FPC antennas allows them to be bent and folded, allowing them to be used in various shapes and devices that are too small. It is usually used in low-end mobile phones and smart hardware products with complex frequency bands.


1) It is suitable for most small electronic products;

2) It can do complex antennas with more than ten frequency bands;

3) It has good performance;

4) The cost is low.

Disadvantages: It needs to be adjusted individually according to each product.

3. LDS Antenna

The space utilization rate of the LDS antenna is extremely high. It engraves the antenna pattern by laser, which is very suitable for applications with compact internal space.


1) It can make full use of various irregular surfaces in the three-dimensional space to reduce the volume of the antenna;

2) It has stable performance, good consistency and high precision;

3) It is durable and requires less maintenance.

Disadvantages: The price is high, and there are some special requirements for the technology of the outer surface of the product.

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