What Should be Paid Attention to in Medical PCB Processing

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2023-11-14 18:10:20

Whether it is medical testing equipment or medical auxiliary equipment, it needs to have a very high accuracy under the premise of use, because things related to life cannot be vague or inaccurate. So when medical PCB in processing, what should we paid attention to?

1. Quality Control of Components

The control of Medical electronic components should control the quality from the source of procurement. After the purchase is completed, IPQC is required to conduct a full inspection of components and seal the samples in to the storage. Special BGA, IC should be stored in a moisture-proof cabinet.

2. Solder Past Control

The PCB processing of medical electronics requires the selection and storage of solder paste according to the characteristics of the product, and the stirring and adding of flux during use need to be strictly controlled.

3. Solder Control

Medical PCB processing requires soldering operations, and the soldering temperature and time must comply with regulations to avoid damage to medical PCB caused by excessively high temperatures and excessively long periods of time.

4. Static Control

Static damage to BGA and IC components is potential. Medical electronics needs to process large data in use. If static electricity damages the core components, it will affect the stability of the product.

5. Appearance Control

The PCB of medical electronics needs to ensure that the appearance meets the requirements. For example: no obvious blackening, whitening, scratches, bubbles and other problems. In the process of processing, it is also necessary to strictly control the flatness of the PCB board to avoid problems such as deformation during processing.

6. Test Control

Medical electronic PCB boards need to undergo strict testing to ensure that the quality of the product meets the requirements. For example: testing the conductivity, insulation, signal transmission performance, waterproof performance, etc. of PCB boards to ensure that the products meet the standards.

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